Elektro, gedekte tafel, kookgerief, decoratie en badkamer.


A brush is a brush is a brush. But not if it’s from koziol; then it’s art. Not the kind of art that collects dust in a corner or stands around in a museum. koziol art is hands-on art that will always lend a helping hand. It will clean your veggies, serve up your salad and light up your home. Since the very beginning at koziol, we’ve designed things we like, things that make our lives easier and happier. Every single product is visible, palpable proof of the high art and dedication to detail that we put into everything we create – with a passion. This is true art. This is ART AT WORK.

Westermann & Co. GmbH is in 1867 als familiebedrijf opgericht in het Sauerland. Het merk WESCO staat voor metaal fabricage op de klassieke wijze: een combinatie van excellente Duitse kwaliteit, een exclusief design en high tech functionaliteit. Jarenlange ervaring in fabricage en high tech vormen een perfecte eenheid die Wesco producten hun unieke design geeft.

Waechtersbach stands for quality work and craftsmanship. Unique expertise, innovative designs and techniques, functional and contemporary aesthetics characterize the success of the Waechtersbach brand to this day.

The brand was founded on June 8, 1832. We are convinced that unique hand-crafted quality combined with innovative technical expertise transcends time and – because of this – will leave a lasting impression on your table and your guests, even into the future. We make sure that Waechtersbach dishes are dishwasher safe, microwave safe, food safe, nontoxic, environmentally friendly and durable